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Studio 2 Fowlers Yard
Back Silver Street
Durham DH1 3RA  -  studio details

If coming by public transport, the studio is within easy walking distance of the train and bus stations, perhaps 10 minutes on foot. The easiest way to find the studio is to head for the Market Place in Durham, this is in the centre of town. Go into the Covered Market, and there’s a back exit (down some steps or a lift) which brings you out onto Fowlers Yard, the studios are to the left, you will see the wall mural when you exit the Covered Market. 

If the Market is closed, from the Market Place head down Silver Street just a little way and there are some steps in-between Gusto and Superdry on the right hand side. Once down the short flight of steps and past the entrance to Gusto, keep left and more steps will bring you out at the top of Fowlers Yard, the studios are to the right down the hill.

If driving on the A1, take the exit for Durham via the A690. From this westerly approach to Durham, stay on the A690 as it takes you straight across two roundabouts, the second of which is a complicated roundabout with traffic lights near the heart of the city (from here you can enter the Prince Bishops car park off to the left, the closest car park option to my studio). Immediately after this roundabout you will pass under a road bridge. Just after this there is a very small slip road off to the left, in front of a bus stop. It’s just before the road will cross the river, it’s quite hidden away, slow down otherwise you might miss it.

A left hand turn off this slip road is Fowlers Yard. You can see a mural on the wall further down the street, if you look left… BUT DON’T TURN LEFT ONTO FOWLERS YARD, drive on past and the road bends around to the right again (underneath the main road) and if you keep going along here for a little distance, there is a second option for parking, Walkergate, which is another multi story just off to the right after you pass Premier Inn on the right. The Sands car park a little further on is no longer an option, it is now closed. 


If you’re coming in on the East side of the Durham, from the A167, you’ll still need to head to the centre of town first, so you’ll join the A690 to cross the river on Milburngate Bridge. Once across, you’ll need to go all the way around the complicated traffic light roundabout to access the slip road described above, just before you’d head back on yourself across the river. 

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